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"Back with the Cats" (2005)


Hiro Morozumi, Piano
Shelley Carrol,  Sax / Flute
Ryan McGillicuddy, Bass
Mark Gulley, Drums

On his sophomore effort, Hiro reunites with his favorite U.S. "cats".

"Hiro interfaces with his sidemen with his complex yet varied set of tonal colors...but still with a sensitive accompaniment to whatever mood and spirit that's being struck by the band...Very interesting jazz indeed!"

- Mr. George W. Carroll, eJazzNews

"it is truly a great CD and the music speaks for itself. My congratulations! I plan on giving the CD as much airplay as possible."

- Mr. Pete Fallico, KUSP Santa Cruz / KCSM San Mateo

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1.  Brauhaus MP3
2.  The End of a Love Affair  
3.  Don't Worry 'bout a Minor Thing MP3
4.  August Dawn MP3
5.  My Grandfather's Clock  
6.  Leo MP3
7.  Interlude MP3
8.  Toge - Mountain Pass - MP3
9.  Seems Like Yesterday MP3
10. Ojos de Rojo  
11. Nothing Was Ever Lost MP3

"Sharing" (2003)

Hiro Morozumi, Piano
Craig Butterfield,  Bass
Rodrigo Villanueva, Drums

Hiro's first studio recording, featuring all original compositions.
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1.  Room for Cream MP3
2.  Meadow Placid MP3
3.  Stay Beautiful MP3
4.  Faded Memory MP3
5.  Sophisticated Lindy MP3
6.  Wicked J MP3
7.  The Moon and the Sun MP3
8.  She Was Here MP3
9.  Sharing MP3
10. D.J.P.D. (Denton Jazz Police Dept.) MP3

"Solo" (2001)

Just me and a piano. Track 1-3 are my originals.
I have to admit that the quality is not that great..
But everybody I gave this recording to really enjoys it.

1. Room for Cream MP3
2. A Moment Ago MP3
3. The Moon and the Sun MP3
4. I Want to Talk About You MP3

Miscellaneous Recordings

"Niji o Miyou"... A pop song I wrote in Japanese. Myself singing.
I'll e-mail you a FREE full-length version MP3 if you like it!